Headaches????  We can help!!!

Do you have headaches?  You are not alone.  9/10 Americans suffer from some sort of headache on a daily basis.  What do you do for these?  Pop a pill?  Go to bed?  There is another option…Chiropractic.

Chiropractic adjustments of the Cervical spine, along with soft tissue release of the musculature around the area can provide relief to many types of headaches. Sometimes instantaneously.

By making corrective adjustments to the upper Cervical spine, there can be a decrease in pressure in that area.  This can also take pressure off some of the nerves and blood vessels that supply the brain.  With the spine and surrounding tissues functioning properly, there can be a relief in the headache.  If we can we want to fix the headache by CORRECTING THE PROBLEM AT THE SOURCE.

There are many ways to treat injuries and pain, but most people jump to the extreme treatments first instead of the most conservative.  This cannot be more true in regard to headaches.  People go from treating with over the counter drugs, to major sedatives and opiates in their first visit to the doctor.  There is a time and place for these medications, but if the problem can be treated from the source, without medication and without side effects, please try that first!!!!

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About the Author Dr. Brady DeClerk

Chiropractor at Omnis Rehab Joint and Performance Center and CrossFit Owner/Coach at Omnis CrossFit.