Nurse Practitioner


As many of you know, we are bringing on Kaily Colla as a Nurse Practitioner at Omnis Rehab, soon to be Omnis Integrative Medicine.  We are starting to get many questions about what Kaily will offer.  We want to remain a facility that focuses on health and wellness and the last thing we want to do is prescribe medications to everyone who walks through the door.  Most people know however that no matter how healthy you are, you can get hit with sickness at any time.  We want you to be able to come to Omnis with any of your healthcare needs.  If you do not know what Nurse Practitioners do, think about a visit to an urgent care center.

Whether you knew it or not, you most likely were treated by a nurse practitioner.  Along with your medical needs, we will also be offering services such as sports/school physicals, D.O.T. exams, Botox, and much more.  If you want to start taking advantage of these services, what we recommend is that you make an appointment with Kaily for an exam. This way we will already have your health history and we can have a medical chart for you in our office.

As of now we are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, but will be in network with all major medical insurances soon!!!  We are offering some of our services for cash prices as well.


Overview of offerings:

Wellness Visits


Sick Care

Botox Injections

D.O.T. Exams

*More to be offered soon!!