Omnis Integrative Medicine Now Offering Family Medicine With Addition of Nurse Practitioner

As you may know, Omnis Integrative Medicine is evolving into your total wellness solution. With the addition of our Nurse Practitioner, we are able to offer Family Medicine, Sick Care, and General Wellness services along with our existing chiropractic and rehabilitation care. We will, of course, continue to operate with the mindset of “finding the source and treating the cause” of your troubles, and with the addition of our LNP, we can extend this philosophy beyond physical mobility and function, and bring you total wellness care.

Why See a Nurse Practitioner Instead of an MD?

Nurse Practitioners perform many of the same functions as Medical Doctors, including prescribing medicine. Nurse Practitioners have specialized, graduate level (Master’s or Doctorate) education in advanced nursing and medical studies. Nurse Practitioners can perform routine physical exams, treat illnesses, and provide valuable information to teach people how to stay healthy. Here are just a few reasons why a Nurse Practitioner might be right for you:

They’ve got more time. Nurse Practitioners tend to take more time to listen to your questions and concerns, and address your specific issues before jumping in to treatment. While Nurse Practitioners do have the ability to prescribe medicine, they are more likely to address the cause of your ailment than to mask it by covering symptoms. Nurse Practitioners will often take a more preventative and holistic approach to care, offering solutions to not only restore your health, but maintain it, getting you back to your regularly scheduled active life.

They can fast-track you to a specialist when necessary. Most routine wellness and sick care needs can be addressed by a Nurse Practitioner. For more complicated issues or serious health concerns, a Nurse Practitioner can refer you to an appropriate physician that can care for your particular needs, fast-tracking you to a specialist. This in turn saves you time and money, cutting out long waits and additional co-pays or payments for a Doctor just to refer you to yet another, more specialized Doctor.

They can see you sooner. If you’ve ever been to a Minute Clinic, MedExpress, or walk-in clinic, you most likely visited because you needed care as soon as possible, and your family MD was too much of a hassle or too long of a wait for an appointment. These walk-in care facilities are, for the most part, staffed by Nurse Practitioners. Now, you can receive this same convenient, hassle-free care here at Omnis. The difference? Here, you can create a relationship with your Nurse Practitioner — so when you or your family members DO need her care, you know exactly who you’ll be seeing, and you know she has the same active lifestyle, functional fitness, wellness-driven mindset as the rest of the Omnis team.

How do I Get In To See the Nurse Practitioner?

We are in-network providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield and will be boarded for all major insurance groups soon. If you would like to utilize our NP services for your general medical needs, school and sports physicals, D.O.T exams, and more, please make a wellness appointment with Kaily by calling 501-313-2844, so we can get your health history and establish a medical chart for you. In a hurry? Click here to download your new patient forms!  We look forward to seeing you soon!