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Wellness Care and the Athlete

Since opening Omnis Rehab in connection with Omnis CrossFit, the running joke is CrossFit hurts people and Rehab fixes people.  Although a interesting business model, this was not the intended purpose at all.  If you are a member of Omnis CrossFit, or know a member, you have probably heard that our coaching staff’s first priority is form and function then we add speed and weight when our athletes are ready.  The goal of Omnis Rehab is not only to get a person back to the activities they love, whether it be football, baseball, CrossFit, walking, or playing with their children/grandchildren, but also to let them be able to do these things for as long as possible.

When people think of healthcare, especially chiropractic and physical therapy, it is usually after they feel an injury or after they are sick.  What most people do not realize is that if they took small steps before this, they could eliminate many future ailments.  You get your teeth checked, you get your eyes checked, you even make sure you get your oil changed in your car on a regular basis, but most will not get routine joint and muscular check-ups.  Here’s the thing.  When you finally feel your lower back “go out”,  or when you all of a sudden feel that sharp pain in your shoulder, nine times out of ten it is not that singular activity that caused that pain or injury.  There has been some type of movement error in your body that has built up over time and now you feel the pain.  By the time you feel pain, the damage has been done.  Now instead of a month, 2 month, or 3 month check-up, you need a three to four times a week treatment plan while you lay off most of the activities you love to do.

Another issue we need to look at is what caused the injury or pain.  If we keep treating the same thing just to get the person better, but continue seeing again and again with the same symptoms, we are missing the boat completely.  We need to treat the injury, then fix the movement so that the injury will not occur again.  In the world of CrossFit, we hear everyday that CrossFit will injure you.  This is false.  CrossFit will not injur you, but bad movement patterns will.  If you are physically capable, do not quit your activities because someone says so.  Get assessed and fix what causes you discomfort. 

So as you are reading this, think about your activity level.  The more you demand from your body, the more maintenance you will need.   A well oiled, well maintained machine will work longer and harder for you, and your body is no different.  The pro’s far outweigh the con’s when you think of activity.  Please get your spine, extremities, and muscles checked on a regular basis, and let’s keep you active for a long time to come.  



         Benjamin Franklin


Brady DeClerk, D.C., CF-L1