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School Sports Physicals

Physicals are generally required for students who want to participate in sports, or before school or camp enrollment. These assessments can help identify any existing injuries, address parents’ concerns and determine whether there are any other conditions which may interfere with your child’s ability to participate in sports.

What Can My Child and I Expect?

One of our healthcare professionals will obtain a medical history, reviewing any past surgeries, illnesses, current medical conditions and daily medications. Vital signs will be taken and a complete vision exam administered. A physical assessment will be performed to evaluate the health of your child’s heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose and throat. A joint mobility and flexibility exam will also be performed.

What Should We Bring to the Appointment?

Please bring any forms provided to you by the organization requiring the physical, to be completed by our healthcare professional. Although we recommend checking with your child’s school or organization before enrollment, we do not require that you bring in a copy of your child’s immunization record to your appointment with us.