Dr. Brady DeClerk,  DC, CF-L2

Dr. Brady DeClerk grew up in Pocahontas, Arkansas. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas in human biological sciences and a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Logan University in St. Louis, he began practicing as a Chiropractor. Brady opened Omnis Rehab, now Omnis Integrative Medicine, in 2006.

Brady is also a Co-Owner of Omnis CrossFit. He is a Level 2 CrossFit trainer and certified CrossFit Football trainer.

“I pride myself on taking the whole body into account and treating the joints, muscles and nervous system at the same time with adjustments, myofascial work and rehabilitative exercises,” Brady says. “Owning Omnis is a dream come true. I get to come to work every day excited because I’m treating people to not only get them out of pain, but also to allow them to continue to do the things that they love. This may be a sport or activity, but it also may be getting back to playing with their kids or grandkids. People are sometimes told they should stop doing what they love. We’re here to help you get back to doing what you enjoy most.”

Brady and his wife Sarah have two kids, Samantha and Jacks. When not at Omnis, they love doing anything outdoors – including fishing, camping and getting on the water. “Music is big in our lives. We love going to concerts, if we can stay awake. We also love going to Razorback games in the fall. If we can get our kids to enjoy nature and appreciate the small things in life, we feel like we have done our job.”

“One thing people may not know about me is that I play music. I earned money in chiropractic school by singing and playing guitar at different places to help pay the rent.”

Dr. Derek Huddleston, DC, ATC

Dr. Derek Huddleston is a father, husband, USAF veteran, musician, martial artist, endurance athlete, and former rugby player. He grew up an Army brat, but calls AR home after being stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base and deciding to make it home.

Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Huddleston got his B.S. in kinesiology/sports medicine at University of Central Arkansas. He decided to travel around the U.S. working as a licensed athletic trainer with mixed martial artists, two Olympic developmental rugby teams, soccer, and football. He has spent countless hours learning ways to prevent injury, learning about the healing process, contributors to pain, and how body parts interact so he can help people become a stronger version of themselves.

Dr. Huddleston is an intrinsically motivated and enthusiastic man who lives by personal core values of integrity first, seek understanding, and strive for excellence. He is proud to apply these core values to every patient interaction.

On any given day you can find Dr. Huddleston running around a park with his family, playing guitar, reading up on subjects related to the human condition (or reading it to his daughter as a boring bed time story), practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, helping out at the Greater Little Rock Rugby Complex, or zooming around one of AR’s numerous biking trails.

“I’ve had 11 surgeries and countless injuries because, for most of my life I did everything with poor form; military life, rugby, weight lifting, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu! At one point I was in so much pain I was eating every pill thrown at me and had very harmful thoughts. I, admittedly, ‘didn’t ‘believe’ in chiropractic, but out of desperation I visited Dr. Chance Norman at Living Well chiropractic in Conway. He had such a significant impact on my life I decided I must do for others what Dr. Norman did for me. I get genuine satisfaction from helping people.”

Dr. Stark Ligon, DC

Dr. Betta Clark, PT, DPT, MS, CF-L1

Dr. Clark is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with her Masters in Sports and Health Sciences. She is also a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

She believes the key to improving a person’s performance and quality of life is to take the whole person into account to determine the source of the issue. She thrives on trying to figure out the puzzle that each person presents. She considers herself a lifetime learner and always wants to know more about nutrition, chronic pain and improving athletic performance.

Margaret Goodloe, MAcOM, LAc

Margaret is a licensed acupuncturist and trained herbalist. She found East Asian Medicine as a last resort to help with years of chronic ankle pain. After her first treatment, not only had her ankle pain improved, but so had her digestion and sleep – the kicker was they never put a needle in her ankle! After this experience, Margaret attended Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, one of the oldest and most reputable schools in the nation for East Asian Medicine. In 2021, Margaret moved back to her hometown of Little Rock to share her skills and knowledge of this incredible medicine with the Natural State.

As a holistic practitioner, Margaret believes one size does not fit all in medicine. She treats the whole patient, identifying the root of the problem and tailoring each treatment plan to the individual. She values listening to her patients and making sure their care is centered around their goals. Margaret is passionate about treating general pain conditions, lowering inflammation and helping patients heal themselves so they can get back to doing the activities they love. She is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), sports medicine acupuncture/trigger point release, Japanese Meridian Acupuncture, and many non-needling techniques like cupping, gua sha, and TuiNa (Chinese Massage/Physical Therapy). Additionally, Margaret specializes in reproductive issues and fertility. She works with patients on promoting regular menstrual cycles, addressing OB/GYN conditions, reducing PMS and cramps, reducing menopausal symptoms and helping people with subfertility get pregnant and carry a healthy pregnancy to term.

Every day she is continually impressed at East Asian Medicines ability to heal and restore balance to the body. When Margaret is not studying to enhance her training, she loves being outside in nature surrounded by earth, rock and trees. She also loves cooking, gardening, biking, rock climbing and exploring the Natural State with her partner, Stark and their rescue dog, Bullet.

Sara Reynolds, Office Manager

Sara grew up in Glenwood, Arkansas, and has been at Omnis since the beginning. She graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in communications.   She worked in the billing department of a behavioral health clinic, and has years of experience as an office manager.

Sara enjoys working at Omnis because of its laid-back atmosphere. She also really enjoys helping our patients. “It’s also great to work for someone who genuinely cares about getting to the root of the problem for people and helping resolve those issues,” Sara says.

Sara and her husband Brian are avid CrossFit athletes, and have a (almost) 4-year-old daughter. Sara has also been a dance instructor at Mrs. Karen’s Dance studio in North Little Rock for over 10 years.

“MJ” Michelle Cox, LMT

MJ graduated from National American University, in Sioux Falls, SD in 2014 with her Associates Degree in Applied Science in Therapeutic Massage.  She specializes massage techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Hot Stone, Hot Bamboo and Medicupping.  MJ grew up in Arkansas and moved to Sioux Falls, SD for 19 years before coming back “Home.”   For MJ, Omnis has been a great place to be because of the great clientele and the easy-going and friendly staff!

She enjoys spending time with family, especially if we can be outside, camping, hiking, traveling and playing with her dog, Abby.