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At Home Exercises and Stretches for Stiff Back

At Home Fixes for Upper and Lower Back Tightness

Snowmageddon has come and gone for Central Arkansas.  It was fun while it was here, but the lasting stiffness and tightness from the activities associated with snow aren’t any fun.  Shoveling snowy driveways and dragging kiddos on the sled can lead to back injury or muscle tightness.  If you are experiencing stiffness from change of your daily routine or too much snow fun, try out these stretches and exercises from Little Rock chiropractor, Dr. Brady DeClerk.

Try out these at home exercises to help upper and lower back pain and let us know how they work out!  As always, if pain or discomfort persists,  give us a call at Omnis Rehab Joint and Performance Center and we can get you schedules with out Central Arkansas Chiropractor or North Little Rock Chiropractor.

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