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Snow day got you stiff?

Arkansas just got pummeled by winter weather and your favorite Little Rock chiropractor has been closed all week.  Dr. Kevin is here to the rescue with some exercises and stretches that can help bail you out of stiffness that has set in from our snow day activities.

Snow day stiffness

Shoveling snow, pulling kiddos on sleds, or slipping on ice can all throw your back out of whack.  You may also experience neck and back tightness just from the loss of your normal exercise activities or your regular schedule.  We recommend doing some daily stretches and mobilization.  Some of our favorite yoga poses that can provide relief include:

  • child’s pose
  • cat/ cow
  • downward facing dog

We will be back in our Little Rock and North Little Rock chiropractic offices bright and early Monday so stay mobile until then with our snow day video!