Trigger Point Injections

What Is It?

Trigger points are small, very tender knots in muscles which are the result of muscle spasms and often present in the back and shoulders, but can occur anywhere. Trigger points are located and anesthetic is injected to relieve pain. The procedure can be done in office in a matter of minutes. If symptoms recur, some patients may need additional injections, but for most, the trigger point is resolved after one treatment.

How Does It Work?

A clinician will inject an anesthetic into the localized trigger point to relax the muscles and provide pain relief. Recovery time is minimal and most patients return to normal daily activity immediately following the injection. We recommend movement and stretching following the procedure to assist with the healing process.

Are There Side Effects?

In general, patients experience minimal side effects. Local, post-injection pain may occur and can last for a few days. Ice, heat, ibuprofen and acetaminophen are effective in treating post procedure pain.