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Get back to doing what you want to do in life – without knives and needles.

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Get back to enjoying life! Let us diagnose and treat your pain without ongoing expensive prepaid plans, knives and needles.

Physical Therapy

At Omnis Dr. Betta Clark works to help you figure out the source of your aches and pains and address them fully as quickly as possible. 


Our on-staff Licensed Massage Therapist is available to help smooth out your aches and pains.


I'd been having back, and wrist, pain for almost a year. When I felt that all hope was lost, I made the decision to visit Omnis. It turned out to be the best decision that I could have made. Dr. Brady listened to my concerns, and was able to resolve my issues within just a few visits! Not only were the treatments effective, but he also focuses on a true long term fix. I would highly recommend Omnis to anyone dealing with any sort of nagging injuries!

Rex H.

I've gone here several times over the past few months and always receive great treatment and (more importantly to me) the explanation behind the "why" of the treatment. It really helps me understand how & why I can help myself in staying healthy over time.

Mark F

Why Omnis?

We are a complete chiropractic  facility, focused on treating the daily aches and pains that keep you from doing what you love most. 


Dr. Brady DeClerk, D.C., Sara Reynolds and Michelle Cox, LMT are all ready to treat your needs and get you back to being active. Come visit our convenient Little Rock location!

New Patient Forms

If you're ready to feel better, start here to get your appointment scheduled! 


Every month Omnis chooses a local Arkansas charity to support. Each time you visit Omnis, check-in on social media with the hashtag #checkinforcharity and we'll donate $0.50 for each check in!

When to Call Us

Neck, Back, Joint Pain?

Whether you're an athlete dealing with aches and pains or you have persistent pains that won't leave, we're here to help. 

headache relief little rock ar

Headache Relief

We can help work through the causes of persistent headache pain and perform treatments to help you get back to feeling great. 

chiropractor after car wreck little rock

Pain after Accidents

Car accidents are stressful, but don't neglect your health while dealing with everything else. Even if an ache or pain seems small now, we can help and prevent further damage. 

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