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Low Back Pain and Piriformis Syndrome

Here at Omnis Rehab Joint and Performance Center we see our fair share of low back pain, it is one of our most common complaints.  Did you know that your low back pain in Little Rock, Arkansas may not be caused by a low back issue at all?  Our Little Rock Chiropractic office and North […]

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Sciatic Pain in Little Rock, Arkansas

Do you have a sharp pain that typically radiates from one side of your back down one leg?  What about numbness, tingling, or weakness in one leg?  If you answer yes to this question, you may be suffering from sciatic pain. Sciatic pain can vary widely from patient to patient so let us at Omnis […]

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How Long Does It Take a Sprained Ankle to Heal?

This post was Written by Omnis Rehab Physical Therapist Elizabeth (Betta) Clark, PT, DPT, MS Have you ever sprained an ankle? Whether this was a recent mild sprain that had you hurting for a few days or a major sprain that took you out for weeks as a kid, it could be relevant to what […]

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